About Ubdope Shishini

About us

Ub’Dope Shishini is a black-owned live arts production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We produce straight plays, sketch comedy shows, poetry in performance productions and slams, stand-up comedy shows, and variety bill performance events (music, readings, games, symposiums, etc). Ub’Dope is about superior quality. The finest calibre of consummate dedication to craft. Whether we are producing theatre, music shows, or facilitating corporate events, we are dedicated to ensuring superior detailed quality in what we do.

Mission Statement

Ub’Dope Mission: To offer South African, African, and Global Audiences the most unique, authentic, and compelling creative and performing arts content that has a quintessentially African aesthetic.


Vision Statement

Ub’Dope Vision: To produce superior quality African creative arts and entertainment projects that are easily accessible to local and global audiences.


Value premise

The fundamental ethos of Ub’Dope Shishini is to entertain vast multitudes with the lived experience by bridging the gap between subcultures. Ub’Dope Shishini develops multiple projects for profit by showcasing and selling different versions of Mzansi to the global audience. Ub’Dope Shishini has the ability to compete at the highest scale through its advantage of fluid compatibility with any established brand.

  1.   Collaborative culture
  2.   High quality creative outputs
  3. Prioritize the consumer and offer them numerous ready-to-go product packages for purchase

Business Goals and Objectives

  • To become a leading independent production house in the South African art and entertainment sphere as a producer of high quality contemporary works.
  • To produce work that can be exported beyond our borders and have a catalogue of international quality standard creations that are consumed abroad.
  • Beyond live performance, which is the foundation of the business, the goal is to establish a strong merchandizing wing consisting of books, CDs, DVDs, Clothing and more.

Sponsors & Partners